Mac OS, Windows 7

又要等到10月底先可以買機… 不過都好既, 有新野用. 希望到時啲notebook既config會吸引啲啦… 勁貪心
都唔係我用… 😦


~ 由 royccm 於 10 六月, 2009.

2 回應 to “Mac OS, Windows 7”

  1. 呵呵呵~ 傻瓜~

  2. buy a 13″ macbook pro at September 🙂 not sure apple still offer a free ipodtouch with education discount at that time. new OS, new mac, and new ipodtouch 🙂 save $$$$ or u can give the ipodtouch to me for a present hahaha
    may be go for hp laptop with Windows 7, wish its much better than Vista and XP this time. save your $ for the new laptop, no mini 7s, no sweets, no movie, no japanese food hehehe


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